Classes at Elevation

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More about each genre:

Dance With Me - Ages 0-3


In this exciting program, students, along with an adult, will be introduced to a group setting while also given the freedom to dance on their own. This is the perfect beginning class for the little one who might not be ready to separate but are ready to explore!

Tot Combo - Ages 3-4

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Our Tot Combo Classes are for our 3-5 year olds.  They will learn the foundations of dance in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Acro, Creative Movement, and more.  This jam packed class will help our dancers gain the experience of multiple genres on an age-appropriate level.


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Our Baton classes offer our dancers the chance to learn the basics of baton twirling! We also work on the fundamentals of dance to create the best, all-around twirler. This is an exciting class filled with fun music with new and unique skills!

Tiny Tots - Ages 2-3

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Our Tiny Tots classes are designed for our 2 and 3 year olds who are ready to begin class independently.  They will learn the foundations of Ballet, Jazz, Acro, and Creative Movement.  This class is designed to nurture our tiniest dancers to help them grow.

Tot Hop - Ages 3-4

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Tot Hop Classes are our introductory level into Hip Hop!  We focus on Hip Hop, Acro, and Creative Movement.  While learning about rhythm and beats of music, your little one is sure to have a blast.

Tumble Tots


Tumble Tots is our beginner Acro class designed for preschoolers. In this class, dancers will learn the basics of acro, and the importance of being safe when learning new tricks. This technique is a great base as they grow into our Acro class!

Musical Theater

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If your dancer has ever loved Broadway musicals and theatrics, this is the perfect genre! Rooted with the fundamentals of Jazz and Ballet, this genre helps your dancer be ready to hop into character and perform! You will learn great stage presence and performance quality that will surely light up the stage. 


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For all of our wonderful ballerinas out there, this class is for you!  From going across the floor to working at the barre,  students are bound to fall in love with this beautiful, classic style. Dancers will learn the techniques that it takes to be a prima ballerina on stage!


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Lyrical is a soft, slower style that focuses on the emotion of dance. A great fusion of the techniques of Ballet and Jazz, this style learns how to take emotion and put it into a dance, while teaching the strong technique it takes to tell a story through movement. 



Acro is best described as the "dance version" of gymnastics. In this class, dancers will learn how to safely perform different tricks as they progress through new levels! For Grades K-12.


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Jazz classes at EDC are up-tempo, and always fun! Technique is key in this genre and we love to mix that with the exciting spunk that Jazz brings.  If your dancer is interested in a fun and energetic genre, Jazz is for you!

Hip Hop

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Always a crowd favorite, Hip Hop is a high energy class where dancers are always moving. Get ready to learn about rhythm, various styles of movement, improv, acro basics, and much more! Dancers here will learn great stage presence, and plenty of moves to wow the audience!


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Tap is a great class with a lot of fancy footwork! There is a focus on learning about rhythms, footwork, and teamwork.  Tap gets the feet moving quick and is sure to put a smile on your face.  Dancers will learn how to "shuffle step" all the way across the stage!

Special Needs

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At EDC we believe that dance is for everyone! Some dancers may require a different environment to learn, but they still have a right to the joy of the art of dance! Students here will get the technique that they want on an appropriate level for their needs!

More Questions?

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