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Recital Classes:
*All prices are based on our all-inclusive tuition policy.  This includes tuition, Spring recital costume, Spring recital fee, 2 t-shirts, Spring recital group pictures, and Spring recital video. This is for your convenience to be able to budget for the year.  This price does not include registration fee, shoes, or any additional merchandise purchased at Elevation Dance Company. Fall Classes begin on Monday, September 11! If you have questions on what your all-inclusive fee does or does not cover, please feel free to ask. 

30 Minute Classes = $70
(Teeny Tiny Tots, Tiny Tots, Tot Hop, Tiny Tumble Tots, and Tumble Tots)

45 Minute Classes = $83/month or $85
 for Combo Classes
(Tot Combo, Elementary, and Teen Classes)

60 Minute Classes = $99
(Elementary and up Combo Classes)

Multi-Class Discounts:
30 Minute Classes:
2 Classes = $123/month

45 Minute Classes:
2 Classes = $149/month
3 Classes = $204/month

60 Minute Classes: 
2 Classes = $181/month 

Costume Fees:
 (due March 15)

Private Lessons:
$60/hour (based on availability)

*If you are taking classes with multiple time lengths, please let us know and we can calculate that for you. We offer a sibling discount as well.  Please see the front desk for specifics on these discounts.

*Please note that tuition is due in full each month.  Late fees will apply if tuition is not paid for by the 8th of each month. Late fee will be $10. Further late fees may incur depending on length of negative balance.

Competition Classes:
Please contact us to get information on prices for our competition team.

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