Competition Update 9/17/18

Hey Competition Families!

We've got a busy season planned and we want to be sure to keep you up to date with everything so here are some notes for the week!

-We will have rehearsal this Saturday for Sparklers and Dynamites. We will switch this up some weeks as to who is here, so it won't be an every week thing. But, this week will be everybody :) For Saturdays, Mrs. Kahli will frequently be the only one here, so we will leave the door locked as soon as everybody gets in. Be sure to call/text the studio (864-506-1852) if you can't get in. You can also knock on the backdoor.

-We have a super special surprise coming to everybody's house! Shhhhh- the kids don't know!!!! We had special yard signs made for our competition dancers congratulating them on being on our team this season. They were supposed to go out last week, but we decided to hold off with the hurricane and wind threats. Hopefully we are good to go now. We will be putting those up Tuesday in the middle of the night. So, be prepared for a fun Wednesday morning surprise in your yard! We will be going off of your address in DSP. If that is incorrect, please let us know. Also, if you don't want us to put the sign up, please also let us know. We are so excited to celebrate our dancers this season!

-This Saturday from 6:00-8:00PM we will be having our big competition party. This is where we will share Big Sister(Brother)/Little Sister and get excited for the upcoming season. It is a great chance to meet the new competition members and welcome them! Please bring a snack or a drink to share. We will provide napkins, plates, cups, etc. See you then!

-If you have not already done so, please remember that the $50 performance wear needs to be paid for. This is what we will wear to all of our community events this season so everybody will need those to be matching.

-For those in Ballet, please remember that tights and leotards need to be worn starting this week. Leotards may be any color. Tights need to be a Ballet pink if at all possible. Please bring Ballet shoes as well. If you do not have yours, you can wear Jazz shoes. I know that there are a few sizes that were on backorder that should be here soon.

-Please remember, the Christmas show is a mandatory event for our competition dancers. The deposit ($35) is due by September 27. If there is an issue with participating in the Christmas Show, please let us know ASAP if you have not already.

-Solos- For those of you interested in a solo this season, you will need to do either the 2 two hour choreography blocks or 1 four hour choreography block. Then, begin with the 30 minute private lessons. You can also do the 30 minute private lessons in-between the 2 two hours choreography blocks if you desire. You can schedule these by heading to if you would like to schedule one and do not see any options that work for you, please let me know and I will see what we can do to add more in. Costumes and competition fees will be paid for through the front desk.

-Private Lessons- You do not have to do a solo to sign up for private lessons. Private lessons are phenomenal for working on technique and choreography one-on-one with a teacher. We see so much growth during these times and really find them beneficial for students. Head to to sign up for those today.

Once we have more info on dates and times, we will be sure to send them your way!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. See you soon, family!

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