Christmas Show Info

Hey Elevation Family!

We are so excited about this year's Christmas show: Christmas in New York City! Many of you guys have already signed up, but we wanted to give everybody an opportunity to join us.

The quick notes are:

  1. Our performance will be on Saturday, December 15. Rehearsal will be on Friday, December 14. Times will be given out closer to time.

  2. Location will be Clemson Little Theater in downtown Pendleton.

  3. Cost is $70 per dancer, which includes costume and rehearsal time. We have broken down the payments into 2 deposits to help you. The first payment of $35 (to secure your spot) will be due by September 27. The second payment is due by November 1.

  4. Tickets will be $8 per person.

If you have not gotten our info sheet, I have attached it to this email for you guys! Please feel free to read over it and ask us any questions that you have. We are looking forward to a great show, and we want you guys to be a part!

We are asking that everyone sign up by September 27, just so that we have an idea of what to expect, and so we can start planning!

If you have not already signed up, please respond to this email or talk to us at the front desk. We want to be sure that everybody that is interested in participating has the opportunity to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. We can't wait to dance with you!

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