9/4/18 Competition Notes

Hey guys!

A few quick notes for you:

1) Tuesdays are Ballet days. This is the day that dancers need to wear leotards and tights. For the first two weeks, we will have a grace period. We understand that many had to order new Ballet shoes, find leotards/tights, etc. If you do not have Ballet shoes, you need to order them through us today. They are $20 each. Remember, we don't order shoes unless they are paid for.

2) For the Sparklers and Dynamites, we will have class on Saturday mornings. Since this is the first week, and everybody was not aware of the schedule ahead of time, we won't have class this Saturday. I know that the Saturdays feel like a lot, but they will not be as frequent as they seem. We will cancel quite a few based on scheduling conflicts. We also think that Saturday mornings are going to be really beneficial for them as they grow. Also, if you have conflicts on Saturday mornings, as long as we know in advance, we shouldn't have any problems :)

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are excited for a new season of dance with such a talented group of dancers!

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